Tips for recycling or reusing your Christmas Tree

Tips for recycling or reusing your Christmas Tree

Our tips for recycling or reusing your Christmas Tree will help you out after the festivities are over and you are wondering what to do with your tree. It can be sad to undress the tree that’s given you so much pleasure over the Christmas period but rest assured there are many ways it can be put to good use! Many people ask what can be done to put the tree to good use or recycle in a sustainable way, so with these tips you’ll be able to decide what is best for your tree now that decorations are down.


Reuse your Christmas Tree if it has roots

If you bought a Christmas Tree that still has roots, why not replant it? It could be planted in your garden or in a pot depending on its size and where you might want it to go. Some trees can be purchased in a pot already, so if you did use one in a pot choose a larger size pot and replant it with fresh compost. If you leave it in the garden, by next Christmas you can bring it inside again to decorate. A perfect way to reuse your Christmas Tree!


Recycle your Christmas Tree if it doesn't have roots

Check out your local Council website who will supply details of their recycling scheme. Most councils have drop-off days or even collections so you know your Christmas tree is being recycled into wood chips or for compost. If you would prefer, your local tip will accept green waste and even some supermarkets have drop-off schemes and recycle sustainably.


Recycle or reuse your Christmas Tree in your own garden

Christmas tree recycling and reusing tips There are lots of ways you can put your Christmas tree to good use, so don't despair after the decorations are down! There is no need to take it anywhere if you can reuse it in your garden to benefit your own plants and wildlife. Here are a few ideas:

  • Those lovely long Christmas tree branches make a great mulch for perennial plants. Just cut off the branches you want to use and lay them over your soil.
  • Shred them up and add the tree cuttings to your compost pile. A great way to add material into the future of your garden soil.
  • Why not chop up your tree and use it as plant markers or stakes. The trunk especially will be very sturdy and can be used to support other plants or shrubs.


Take your pick and decide how you will recycle or reuse your Christmas Tree! Come and visit our garden centre for more creative ideas or advice!