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Summer Bedding

Annuals and Containers

Annual plants are like that brilliant wedding you were at - here today, gone tomorrow. They only last for a season and do not come back year after year. They may be short lived but, oh my, what colours they throw out! They flower for an incredibly long time and are so beautiful you will fall madly and deeply in love with them and crave more each year.

We grow 90% of our summer bedding plants here at D&M. Dermot has been growing them for many years and takes great pride in them. He has some of the most beautiful varieties of surfinia and begonias which are a sure show stopper in any garden.

If you find it hard to decide what to put in your containers and baskets why not drop them into us and we will gladly fill them for you. There is no extra charge - you only pay for the plants you get and that is pure colour for your containers.

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