Cacti & Succulents

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A selection of Cacti & Succulents

  • Crassula Hottentot

    Common name: Jade necklace vine

    Crassulas are succulent sub-shrubs with small pink or white flowers. Native to South Africa and Mozambique, they are commonly grown as houseplants in cooler regions.

    Crassula x rupestris f. marnieriana ‘Hottentot’ is a unusual, trailing variety of crassula, hence it’s common name, the jade necklace vine. It looks lovely in a hanging pot. Its leaves blush pink or red in the sun. It reaches a heigh of approx.15 cm.

    Grow in pots indoors in bright, airy conditions, in cactus compost. Water sparingly and feed fortnightly with a balanced liquid fertiliser. Reduce watering in autumn.