• Family owned
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Dog friendly
  • Home-grown plants


Just like any other family, we fight and kill each other but we always come together to help each other. In 1984 Dermot and Mary hit hard times like most families in the 80s when the recession hit. Rather than let it get them down, they decided to start what would become an established and widely known name in Limerick and the surrounding areas – D&M Garden Centre. It all started out of their children’s rooms. There were vegetables everywhere and everyday Mary and Dermot would load the yellow Hiace van and off Dermot would go around Limerick delivering fresh vegetables to houses. Many of you may still remember him calling to your door!


A few years later Mary and Dermot decided to expand and Dermot started to grow his famous bedding plants while Mary stared selling to the public. This grew into the Garden Centre and they started to sell Irish grown shrubs and trees as well. With the help of an exceptionally loyal customer base they grew their business to what it has become today.

In the 90s Mary decided to add the restaurant to the business. It is well known for its homecooking and fresh food around the west of Limerick. It started as a little restaurant and has grown over the years with an ever changing decor.  It never strays far from Mary’s concept of fresh homemade locally produced food. She has a great passion for food which is clearly evident when you taste her cooking.


D&M Centre started off as a family business with Dermot and Mary.  To their delight, their son, Tom and daughter, Ursula have joined the team along with Tom’s wife Mags. They each have brought their own flare to the business with the refurbishment of the restaurant and the introduction of new plants and products in the garden centre. Dermot’s favourite son, his dog Hansel, has had great input into the dog friendly garden centre over the years and everyone knows him from seeing him walking the roads with Dermot

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