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Authentic German Incense Smokers - Christmas Smokermen

The first smoker was developed around 1850 in Heidelberg close to Seiffen. At first dough served as material. Mostly figures of the everyday life were used as motif. Nowadays also Santa Claus and other modern motives are manufactured. Available are salesmen, bakers, foresters, miners, chimney sweepers, standing smokers, edge stools smokers, large smokers, small smokers and so on. Woodturning is the main technique that is used to produce a smoker. Schulte Kunstgewerbe is a family run business operating for over 25 years, and is one of Germanys leading manufacturer for seasonal decoration. 

See our beautifully crafted, one of a kind German Christmas incense smokers in our online shop today. D&M's choice for burning frankincense, myrrh, and pine, filling your home with an authentic festive scent this Christmas. 

100 % handmade - 100% quality made in Germany

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