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  • Home-grown plants

garden centre croagh

When visiting a garden centre Croagh customers place a lot of importance on getting value for money. There are also many customers who focus mostly on the variety of products available, and when it comes to plants, vegetables and fruits, freshness matters a great deal. What if I were to tell you that there is a garden centre Croagh residents simply love because it offers variety, quality and superb prices? This is what makes D and M Garden Centre the top garden centre in Croagh.

Indeed D and M Garden Centre has been serving customers in Croagh and nearby areas for the past 30 years. It is therefore evident that this once small family run business developed and expanded considerably as a result of its top notch customer service and good reputation. To date, this is a family run business which is managed with a lot of passion and care by the various family members. However they have managed to expand a great deal since they started off, with now a wider variety of products in large premises which even include a restaurant.

D and M Garden Centre offers a diverse range of products for all those who love plants and flowers, or for avid gardeners and people who like to spend time caring for their houseplants or landscapes. At D and M Garden Centre Croagh clients can avail of a service with a smile, while browsing through the countless product sections, including Houseplants, Annuals and Perennials, Climbers, Trees and Shrubs. There is also a vast range of bulbs, seeds and herbs to choose from too. For rose lovers, D and M Garden Centre offers an exclusive selection of roses as well. Caring for plants and flowers is obviously critical if one wants to enjoy them for long, and so at D and M Garden Centre one will be able to find whatever is required to ensure this. From deterrants and sprays to keep away pests, tohigh quality gardening tools to cut, prune and dig, and carry out other important gardening tasks - you can rest assured that you will find anything you might need at D and M Garden Centre. There are also soils, fertilisers and compost varieties for sale, along with a huge range of pots and containers. For those who would like to pick up a gift such as a plant, garden ornament or practical presents for gardeners, D and M Garden Centre is the place to go to as there are so many items you can choose from!

So as you may see D and M Garden Centre in Croagh is surely not going to let you down as variety and quality are assured at reasonable prices!