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garden centre newport

A garden centre needs to cater for a wide range of needs in order to offer convenience and value for money. Gardening takes a lot of different perspectives. There are many who feel okay with simply having a couple of houseplants and some plants on their porch, terrace or patio. Then there are those who have a front or back garden, and so they will need to see to the plants, tress and shrubs planted there. There are others who have extensive landscapes to care for. Each of these is a customer for a garden centre, and at D and M garden centre we cater for all of these needs and requirements as best as we can. In fact we have expanded our operations over the past thirty years since we established our business, and through it all we have always sought to offer exceptional service and utmost convenience to our esteemed clientele in Newport and neighbouring areas. In fact by now we can say that we are one of the top garden centres Newport residents visit.

If you would like to add some houseplants that will fill your home with colour and beauty, or just want to add a couple of fruit trees in your garden, you will find what you need at D and M garden centre Newport. We also offer a huge selection of plants, including annuals, perennials, climbers, and whenever you shop from our garden centre Newport we will make sure that you buy the most suitable type of plant for your needs. We try to explain the requirements of each plant or tree that we sell so as to help the customer make a well informed choice. At D and M Garden Centre Newport you will also find a huge selection of seeds and bulbs, and we also have a special section dedicated to herbs. Since you will need certain pots and containers to plant in, we have also made sure to offer a diversified range of containers to suit anyone's preferences. These vary in size, material, color and style.

Gardeners require certain tools in order to tend to their garden, and so we wanted to make sure to offer whatever gardening tools one might need in our garden centre Newport. So you will be able to find pruners, knives, shears, secateurs, trowels, wheelbarrows and watering cans, among several other necessities in our garden centre.

For all this and much more visit D and M Garden Centre Newport any day and we will be happy to assist you!