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Top 6 big houseplants to substitute your Christmas tree

Top 6 big houseplants to substitute your Christmas tree

Are you looking for a big houseplant to substitute your Christmas tree? When it is the end of the festivities and time to take your Christmas tree down, space can look a little bit bare. So why not replace the Christmas tree with another plant that will last all year, plus brings you a lot of joy, is aesthetically pleasing and even helps clean the toxins' air. A total win-win situation. Here are our top 6 for you to fill that empty space with.

1. Fiddle leaf tree (Ficus lyrata)

The giant green leaves of the fiddle leaf can look fantastic in any home. It is known to be tricky to keep on thriving but with just a few ‘know how’s’ it is actually quite easy. Its natural habitat is hot and humid with rainfall that soon dries out afterwards. Make sure it gets plenty of bright sunlight, water it when the soil is dry and keep it in the spot is it happy. 

2. Swiss cheese plant (Monstera)

After it’s popularity in the 1970s, the Monstera has made a huge big comeback, and there is no wonder why. Big, interesting, stunning foliage, long stems and easy to propagate - the Monstera can grace a corner with ease. Pot it in a big pot to match your colour scheme and enjoy watching it grow. 

3. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Bring a tropical feeling to your empty space and fill it with a stunning bird of paradise. Make sure it is in a sunny spot and be patient. It can take years for it to bloom, but when it does, it will be so worth the wait!

4. Rubber tree (Ficus elastica)

Growing up to 8ft tall in a home environment, the big glossy leaves bring a real touch of class to a room. Watch the leaves as they open and make sure you don’t overwater it, which is the main point of care for the rubber tree. It can cope well in low levels of light but don’t move it around too much. 

5. Dragon tree (Dracaena)

An easy to care for plant that looks like a palm tree in your room. It is a lovely plant to fill a space and grows tall with little help but possibly some support if it gets big. Bright, indirect sunlight is preferred, and to stop it growing too tall. You can cut off the top and grow that in a pot of well-drained soil for another plant. 

6. Snake plant (Sansevieria) 

Also known as the Mother in laws tongue, the Sansevieria is a tall, slim and architectural plant that grows just about anywhere, even in very low light levels. With minimal water needs or care in any way, plus it will be clearing the air of common toxins. 

Check out our houseplant collection in store to bring new life to your home for the new year. We are pleased to welcome you to our garden centre. Our staff is always willing to help and gives you excellent advice about watering, light, and location.

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