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Tom's Top 10 Plants for August: Embrace the Late Summer Beauty

Tom's Top 10 Plants for August: Embrace the Late Summer Beauty

As the warm embrace of August envelops us, gardens continue to flourish with a symphony of colors and scents. Join us in celebrating Tom's carefully curated selection of the top 10 plants for this enchanting month. These botanical gems are handpicked to grace your garden with their unique charm and vitality. From timeless classics to captivating newcomers, these plants are ready to weave a tapestry of beauty in your outdoor sanctuary. Let's delve into Tom's top picks for August: Hydrangea, Coneflower, Dahlia, Salvia 'Hot Lips', Russian Sage, Daylily, Black-Eyed Susan, Coreopsis, Helenium, and Verbena.

Hydrangea: August marks the time when Hydrangeas unfurl their magnificent blossoms, painting the landscape with shades of blue, pink, and white. These floral chameleons bring an air of elegance and charm to any garden setting.

Coneflower: August is a time when Coneflowers burst forth in a profusion of vivid colors, providing a banquet for pollinators. These majestic blooms stand tall, capturing the essence of late summer's splendor.

Dahlia: August sees Dahlias take center stage, showcasing an array of forms and shades, from delicate petals to dramatic, intricate blooms. These show-stoppers bring an air of sophistication to any garden.

Salvia 'Hot Lips': With its fiery red and white blossoms, Salvia 'Hot Lips' adds a touch of sizzling allure to your August garden. A favorite among pollinators, this plant sets the stage for a vibrant ecosystem.

Russian Sage: The ethereal beauty of Russian Sage enchants the garden with its delicate purple spikes and silvery foliage. August is when this perennial graces us with its serene presence.

Daylily: August heralds the reign of Daylilies, offering a parade of colorful blooms that unfold each day. These dependable beauties add a touch of ever-changing charm to your landscape.

Black-Eyed Susan: August is when Black-Eyed Susans shine in their golden splendor, a symbol of summer's enduring vibrancy. These daisy-like blooms evoke warmth and cheer.

Coreopsis: With its sunny yellow or fiery red flowers, Coreopsis brings a burst of color and joy to late summer gardens. These daisy-like blooms thrive even in hot and dry conditions.

Helenium: August's warmth is embraced by Helenium's rich, coppery tones. These bold, daisy-like flowers create a striking focal point, attracting pollinators and adding drama to borders.

Verbena: Verbena's clusters of small, colorful flowers create a charming carpet of beauty. Their extended bloom period and attractiveness to butterflies make them a wonderful addition to your garden.


As August unfolds its splendor, these top 10 plant selections are here to elevate your garden to new heights of beauty. From the grandeur of Hydrangeas to the delicate allure of Verbena, each plant contributes its own chapter to the captivating story of your garden's journey. Embrace the enchantment of late summer and let these botanical wonders paint a picture of elegance and vitality in your outdoor haven.

Happy gardening!