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February Gardening To-Do List



  • Start sowing hardy annuals indoors for early spring blooms
  • Prune late-flowering clematis back to healthy buds about 30cm above ground level
  • Check winter-flowering shrubs and cut back if necessary after they finish flowering
  • Remove dead and decaying foliage from around emerging spring bulbs
  • Plan and order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds for planting

Fruit and Vegetables:

  • Begin chitting early potatoes indoors to encourage sprouting before planting
  • Prune raspberry canes, removing any weak or damaged growth
  • Inspect stored fruits and vegetables, discarding any showing signs of spoilage
  • Order vegetable seeds for the upcoming growing season
  • If soil conditions allow, prepare vegetable beds by adding compost and turning the soil


  • Sow early tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines indoors for later transplanting
  • Check overwintering plants for pests and diseases, taking necessary action
  • Start feeding citrus plants as they come into growth

Garden Maintenance:

  • Continue providing food and water for birds, especially during colder weather
  • Repair any damaged garden structures, such as fences or trellises
  • Begin planning and sketching out any changes or additions to the garden layout for the upcoming season
  • Check garden tools and equipment for maintenance needs, sharpen blades, and oil moving parts


  • Monitor weather forecasts and protect tender plants in case of late frosts
  • Start thinking about and planning any early spring projects, such as creating new flower beds or installing garden features