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Bamboo and Grasses

Bamboo makes excellent screening as they are evergreen because they are happy to grow in pots they also make great statement plants. Bamboo are lovely in any garden because of the movement of the stems they make beautiful noise in any ones patio.  Some like the Fargesia murieliae are tall and graceful plant, other like the sasa tsuboiana have large showy leaves but are a great ground cover bamboo.


We have a great range of grass at D and M reflecting the popularity of these plants. All are a happy in the sun. Some like the stipa gigantean bear architectural fountains of golden seed heads whilst others like festuca glauca form low clumps of blue grass 

See our plant range for our full list of Bamboo and grasses; stock may vary during the different seasons.

Just a few good bamboo and grasses plants:

  • Fargesia Mur. 'Luca' 
  • Pleioblastus variegatus 
  • Pseudosasa japonica
  • Uncinia unciniata everflame
  • Carex osh.everest
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