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Seeds and Bulbs

The most exciting part of gardening is watching a seed germinate and grow.  You can hardly believe your eyes when you see that tiny seed start to sprout. These plants you raise are like your little children and are always that more special to you in the garden. This year why don’t you try raising something new from our hundred of varieties of seed in our garden centre?

Bulbs aren't just for spring: you can have flowering bulbs in your garden all year round with a little planning. In our garden centre we stock bulbs seasonally, so you'll find spring and summer bulbs on sale in autumn, and late-season bulbs on our shelves in D&M from spring. Choose bulbs for every season to enjoy colour from January till December:

Annuals: hardy annuals like love-in-a-mist, marigolds and nasturtiums are easiest of all and provide incredibly long seasons of colour from a few seeds scattered direct into the ground in spring.

Half-hardy annuals include all the bedding plants: in our garden centre you'll find seed to sow under cover in spring for colourful containers all summer long including Pansy, petunias, surfinias and nemesia.

Perennials: several perennials are very easy from seed, flowering in their first year and coming back again and again. Try echinacea, rudbeckia, and hardy geraniums from our range.

Vegetable seeds: our largest selection of seeds is reserved for the grow-your-own enthusiast, with every veg from cucumbers to swede. Full selection of seed potatoes to onion and garlic bulbs also available.

See our plant range for our full list Seeds and Bulbs; stock may vary during the different seasons

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