What is a Bareroot?

It may come as a surprise that winter is often the best time for planting trees and hedges. This is because you can buy dormant, bare-root plants that are freshly dug up from the nursery fields and these establish easily at this time of year. Compared to potted plants they are also more economical to buy, especially if you are putting in a hedge. 

Most of our Common & Native trees are supplied as Bareroot as well as the majority of Fruit Trees and Bushes, Roses and a lot of our Hedging but we do supply a good range of potted plants for year round planting.

When can I plant Bareroot plants?

You can plant Bareroot plants during the dormant season - November to March. Avoid planting into waterlogged or frozen ground.

Can I order Bareroot Plants outside of these Months?

Bareroot plants can be ordered online as they become ready to ship & they will be available from November through till early April while stocks last.

Browse our range, with new additions added weekly - orders are being taken now. In stock from the 17th November. 

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