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Alpines and Rockery Plants

The most effective way to plant alpine plants is in a rockery. To create all you need are a few large rocks or stones, free draining soil and a mix of rockery and alpine plants. In this you could grow both sun loving and shade loving plants by growing the sun loving plants to the front and the shade loving plants to the back letting them be overshadowed by the large rocks/stone. Most alpine plants will grow in stoney soil but some will need to be free draining and contain some soil too.

Other places they will grow are in the crevices of stone walls, gaps of steps, in gravel or in paving beds provided they have some soil to get their roots on.

See our plant range for our full list of alpine and rockery plants; stock may vary depending on the season and availability.

Below is just a selection of a few good rockery plants:

Ajuga Reptans Black Scallop
Arabis Snowcap
Aubrieta 'Variegated Red’
Aubrieta Gracilis 'Kitte Blue'
Campanula Ambella Intense Purple.

Our Alpine and Rockery range can also be purchased individually or one of our team can create a planting plan to suit your needs.

Please contact us on 069 64084/069 25366 or by emailing [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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