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Fruit bushes and Fruit Trees

Orchards of Abundance: Fruit Trees and Bushes at D&M Garden Centre

Savor the delights of homegrown, freshly picked fruit, and indulge in the real luxuries of gardening at D&M Garden Centre. Our passion for cultivating the finest fruit trees and bushes has led us to curate an extraordinary selection, perfectly suited to the bountiful Irish climate. From the early tang of rhubarb in spring to the sweet juiciness of summer strawberries and the crispness of autumn apples, we embrace the diverse flavors of each season.

At D&M, we take immense pride in our extensive fruit range, offering a diverse array of container-grown bushes and trees available for purchase all year round. As you wander through our garden centre, you'll discover a world of possibilities awaiting you.

Traditional fruit trees grace our collection, including beloved apples, pears, and plums, each carefully selected for their outstanding flavor. Delight in the familiar, or embark on a journey of discovery with our selection of unique fruits like mulberries and quinces.

For those seeking a fruitful investment, berries and currants offer exceptional value. With just a few plants, you can relish years of abundant harvests. Be the first to enjoy gooseberries, fruiting from May, while currants, in their vibrant black, white, and red varieties, take the stage in the summertime.

Our fruit range is a testament to our dedication to quality and variety, ensuring that there's something for every gardener, no matter their taste or experience level. We understand that the seasons dictate the choices available, which is why our stock may vary throughout the year. Rest assured, we are committed to offering the freshest and most enticing options with every visit.

Allow us to share a glimpse of a few good Fruit Trees and Bushes that await you at D&M Garden Centre:

  • Gooseberries: A tangy treat, bursting with flavor and perfect for jams and desserts.
  • Apple James Grieves: A beloved classic, delighting taste buds with its crisp and juicy flesh.
  • Pear Conference: An elegant and succulent choice, ideal for both eating fresh and culinary delights.
  • Plum Victoria: A cherished variety, famous for its rich, sweet taste and versatility.
  • Blueberries: Bursting with goodness, these antioxidant-rich berries add color and health to your garden and table.

Come, experience the joy of cultivating your own orchard haven at D&M Garden Centre. With our wide selection of Fruit Trees and Bushes, your garden will be brimming with a delectable abundance of nature's finest offerings. Our dedicated team is eager to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your fruit-growing journey is both rewarding and fruitful. Visit us today, and let the beauty of our orchard collection inspire your garden to flourish with life's juiciest pleasures.

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